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Friday, March 10, 2006

Pretty much a bust...

The major event predicted for yesterday never really materialized here. In north Mississippi, there was one tornado that caused damage, but I know of only two tornado warnings issued statewide.

We did have significant wind throughout the day, causing some light damage here and there, but again, nothing like what was expected.

One factor, I think, is the fact that the morning started out relatively cool and overcast. This didn't allow the cold front to collide as strongly with our typical warm, humid air as it would have if the lead edge had come in after a half-day of sunny skies.

At any rate, after about three hours of driving in blinding rain, trying to get an angle on one cell or another, I drove back home behind the line, enjoying the sunshine and the smell of fresh rain. Was a good day out, if not necessarily "productive."

Another front is forecast to move through in the next few days....updates on that to come later.

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