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Friday, January 13, 2006

Severe weather today

Not a lot of real action, but a line of severe storms moved through in the early morning hours today. By sunrise, though, most of it had dissipated. We're under watches until about 2 p.m., so there's a chance of some formation later in the day, I suppose, although I'm not overly optimistic.

Maybe more as the day develops. I'm still waiting for the "big front" that will bring in our real winter weather.

And I'd like to wish myself a (belated) happy birthday, as well. Seems I've used up half my warranty now. Time to start cutting back on the daily mileage, I suppose.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

A serious note

I had intended to post a significant post this evening about a major tornado that struck Mississippi several years ago, but the mining tragedy in West Virginia has pretty much claimed the biggest part of my mind's resources for the day.

Say a prayer for the recovery of the lone survivor.

Say a prayer of thanks for the one miracle that God did grant.

Say a prayer for comfort and understanding for those who aren't very happy with God right now. They need it.

Finally, say a prayer for your loved ones, and realize that they may not always be there. Hug your spouse and your kids. Call up your parents and tell them that you love them, if you can. Look around at all that you have and all that you love, then thank God for every bit of it.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Happy New Year! (Finally)

I really intended to post yesterday, but just didn't feel up to it. Had a very late night at the clubhouse and couldn't get motivated to do much of anything after I got home except stare at some TV and chat with a bro for a bit.

Today's been a lot more productive. Washed wifey's car, washed the dog, washed my scooter. Washin' the kids now.

Weather-wise, I don't know what's about to happen, but my camcorder's charged. The high today was around 80 degrees. The skies have been clear, and the SPC's convective outlooks don't seem to indicate much probability of severe weather, but to have a little rain and 70-80 degree weather this time of year seems to indicate that the likelyhood of instability will be relatively high when the weather turns off cold again.

Added to this the fact that our winters are historically very active months for tornadoes.

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