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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Back into the fray...

Over the past few months, I've been waiting for the "big-un" that would give me link-able chase footage and/or photographs, but it's not happened thus far. In the meanwhile, the political side of me is long overdue for some "venting", so I'll probably devote a couple posts here to political and social commentary.

Weather-wise, though, it's not all been calm. We've had some storms through here, and I've gotten a handful of interesting cloud formations on camera...just no twisters yet. Still, it's mid-May and we're only getting high temperatures that are about 6-10 degrees below our "normal" for this time of year, so our storm season's peak may well be yet to come. Thus far, we've seen the reverse of our typical spring season, as they've been caused by northern cold fronts moving into our area, not the warm gulf air pushing the cold air out....we'll see soon enough whether it'll just be a relatively quiet season, or one that's just been delayed a bit with the unusually long spring.

The next few posts, though, will likely be concerned with politics, however, as between the NSA surveillance allegations, the ongoing Iraq conflict, the Iran crisis, and the Immigration issue, national news has been quite active. Any of you who followed me from my old blog know I can be pretty opinionated, and I don't mean to run off folks who are more interested in weather, but I'm committed to not resurrect "Bo" just yet.

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