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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Long time no storm...

Our weather has been spotted with a little bit of severe stuff. Last Friday (2/3/2006), there were a couple of pretty significant storms, though. All-in-all, it's been relatively active, but not particularly exciting...it's been those storms that even die-hard fanatics tend to stay inside on. After all, not a lot of "chase" vehicles are going to do well with 2-3 inch hail potential from a 35,000 foot storm.

So still no major stories of the year, and no pictures, but I have a nagging feeling this will be a festive spring.

Hi Jamie, I took a look at the Candlestick tornado area from my Google Earth. Not much there anymore and from looking not even a memorial? Are there pictures? From information in the book I read there should be some live footage of the aftermath and should be some still photos. None were published in the Hemmingway book. By the way the book is very good and descriptive of the area before and after with a map of where things were picked up and put down. I find that google earth shows the area as very unpopulated except for the weather station. Do you know of any footage available about the site?
PS. Very windy here today. ;)
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