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Friday, January 13, 2006

Severe weather today

Not a lot of real action, but a line of severe storms moved through in the early morning hours today. By sunrise, though, most of it had dissipated. We're under watches until about 2 p.m., so there's a chance of some formation later in the day, I suppose, although I'm not overly optimistic.

Maybe more as the day develops. I'm still waiting for the "big front" that will bring in our real winter weather.

And I'd like to wish myself a (belated) happy birthday, as well. Seems I've used up half my warranty now. Time to start cutting back on the daily mileage, I suppose.

Happy Belated Birthday!!! I totally did not know you had a birthday in January. How old are you? :P
Hi, I have been reading a book on by Hemingway on the notorious Candlestick Tornado and found your blog in my googling. I am new at this. Tornados are one of my facinations. I live in Alberta Canada and have had a few close calls. My interest with weather has been with me most of my life and I assume it started back when I first saw the Wizard of Oz. Anyway, I just wanted to say "Hi" to a fellow weather obsessor
lttlebitnorth: Yes, that's a book I've wanted to read badly since I found out it existed...Hemingway had just moved away from the area when the tornado struck, if memory serves me correctly, so she knew the area and many of the victims. I'm sure it's a fascinating read.

I'll be sure to check your blog as it develops as well...
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